At EINY, we instill in our students the lifetime benefits of a bilingual education, empowering them to create and connect to a world filled with possibilities.

Located in New York’s vibrant Flatiron District, our intimate and independent French-American school has been designed to cultivate an internationally-minded community of students. From Maternelle to Middle School, we artfully blend the best of the French and American educational systems, gifting our students with deep bi-literacy, whole-child skills and knowledge, and an optimistic, multi-cultural perspective. So they grow more flexible and fluid, interested and interesting, persistent and positive. And always ready to shape and share their life’s successes—whatever the moment and wherever they go.


EINY empowers all students to adapt and succeed in a changing world: welcoming differences, exploring, recognizing opportunities, and embracing challenges. EINY promotes the success of each student through small class size setting and a diverse, international environment that combines the finest elements of French and American educational approaches.

We believe that international education must be focused on developing well-educated, well-rounded, responsible and compassionate global citizens. The school teaches students to think critically and work both independently and collaboratively in French and English for all subject areas, with the additional opportunity to study Mandarin and Spanish.

Our faculty is made up of highly qualified, native-speaking certified teachers. The vast majority have taught internationally and provide students with a rich academic experience. Students also benefit from a broad community of classmates and a variety of cultural programs through partnerships with artistic, historical and cultural institutions.

EINY graduates are inspired, conscientious and responsible students who succeed in local and international schools around the world.


At EINY we value global learning and learn global values. We know that our students will go on to impact their environment as leaders in our future world. We are therefore not only dedicated to developing the academic level of our students; we strongly emphasize integrity, emotional skills and the development of character.

At EINY we seek to enroll students of different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, reflecting the diversity and richness of New York City. Our curricula and language programs incorporate a knowledge of the arts, the practice of different sports, and the appreciation of a multitude of cultures.

New technology, thoughtfully incorporated into our teaching at EINY, enables students to work both collaboratively and independently.

We also offer a rich extracurricular program that allows students to discover new passions and continue their love for learning outside the classroom.


In 2008, the Wood family started their search for the quintessential international academic environment for their children. Multilingual and multicultural themselves, passionate about their vision of global education and eager to create a diverse, accessible and open learning environment, Jeremy Wood joined forces with Yves Rivaud and Clyde Javois to develop the concept that would become L’Ecole Internationale de New York, the first school of its kind in Manhattan.

With the support of equally passionate, committed parents, EINY opened its doors six months later at 111 East 22nd Street on September 8th, 2009. They were 22 students enrolled in Nursery through Fifth grade.

Within its first five years, EINY outgrew its entrepreneurial phase to become an established, respected international school designed to welcome close to 200 students from Nursery through 8th Grade in the Madison Square Park and Gramercy Park neighborhoods.


Originally from Limoges, France, where he obtained a Masters Degree in English Literature and Civilization, Yves Rivaud arrived in the United States in 1987 to teach French to elementary students at Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley, located just outside of San Francisco. Prior to founding EINY, his positions included Head of the School at the French-American School of Puget Sound in Seattle (Washington State) and Lyceum Kennedy in New York as well as Director of the French Curriculum and After School Program at the French-American International School in San Francisco (California).

His years of experience in international education help Yves support teachers, students and parents; always seeking to unlock the true potential of each individual, Yves’ human approach offers confidence and comfort. A mentor to his faculty and staff, Yves believes that EINY is the reflection of society where the diversity of languages and cultures is omnipresent. He embraces new learning and teaching methods while reinforcing the academic standards specific to each curriculum.

In September 2008, in recognition of his service to French Education in French-American schools over the past 21 years, Yves was honored with the Chevalier de L’Ordre des Palmes Académiques by the French Ministry of Education.


French Ministry of Education

EINY received full accreditation for Nursery through 8th grade from the French Ministry of Education and AEFE (French Agency for the Advancement of French Abroad).  EINY is now part of the network of 45 French schools in the USA, and 490 French schools established in 135 countries around the world.
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Mission Laïque Française

EINY is also affiliated with the Mission Laïque Française, an educational institution promoting French language and culture through the education of children in its network of MLF schools around the world. MLF has a network of 23 schools in the U.S.A.
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EINY is affiliated with the National Association of Independent Schools.
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The Parents League of NY, EINY

Parents League of New York

EINY is a member of The Parents League of New York, a Non-profit Association of Parents and Independent Schools since 1913. The object of the League is to unite parents in an effort to promote the moral, mental and physical well-being of their children by establishing wholesome standards in matters affecting their education, amusements and home life.
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French Agency for Teaching French Abroad

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Our Families

The EINY community represent families more than thirty different nationalities. At home, most speak fluently a language other than French or English, from Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew and more. These trilingual students represent an extraordinary linguistic and cultural platform that inspire and stimulate all students and staff at the school. We welcome families with diverse cultural origins and backgrounds:

  • For French families living in New York
    The school enables each child to follow a curriculum similar to the curriculum taught in France with the addition of critical and creative approach of American education.
  • For American families
    Thanks to its individual immersion program, non-French-speaking students learn in an environment where progress is fast and natural. They follow a bilingual curriculum while immersing in both American and French cultures.
  • For international families living in New York
    The thirty nationalities represented at EINY reflect the school’s international vision. Few schools host such a diversity of multicultural children and teachers who daily enrich the mind and spirit of their peers.