Since our students begin studying Mandarin in 3rd grade, our 4th and 5th graders were thrilled to take a two-week trip to China this year, including Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing. In Hangzhou, students are hosted by Chinese families for four days and nights, getting a taste of daily life and family customs; they also attended school with their Chinese “brothers” or “sisters” for an insider’s experience of Chinese education.

In Beijing, students experience the once-in-a-life time walk along the Great Wall. Whether discovering the secrets of the Forbidden City or gazing the mysterious smiles of Buddhas in the ancient temples, our students made authentic contact with the wondrous and many-faceted country that is China.


Nature’s Classroom is the leader in environmental education. Every year, students participate to learn about the relationship between natural and man-made resources. Teachers are recruited from across the country and all have bachelor’s degrees in variety of subjects. While on-site, regular EINY teachers take on the role of counselors, staffing cabins and monitoring students during meals, recess and free time.

Students in grade 3 through 5 are offered the opportunity to explore environmental science in authentic settings throughout the US.