In Middle School

The World of Work project will start again in the Middle School, for the 4th consecutive year!

The 7th and 8th graders, with their teachers Gayle Hampton, Megan Flynn and Franck Le Martelot, will meet a new professional who will speak about his/her job and career during school hours every two weeks. This year’s topic is “Identity & Values” : What is the purpose of work? Are we what we do? Who decides the “real value” of a job? Do most people “work for a living” or “live to work”?…

Parents are welcome to participate in the project! If you are interested in introducing our students to your profession, please contact Franck Le Martelot.

Update: 6/4/2018

World of Work – Marc Levy, Author

The 7th and 8th grade students met French author Marc Levy as part of the World of Work project.  With 50 million copies of his novels sold and translated into more than 40 languages, Marc Levy is the most widely read contemporary French writer in the world.He discussed the immediate international success of his first novel Et si c’était vrai… -Just Like Heaven-, the rights of which have been purchased by Steven Spielberg for a film version of the novel.  He also answered on a very sincere way to the questions prepared by the students : what is your main source of inspiration? What are the cliches about writer’s identity? Which values guide your work everyday?…

The message given by Marc Levy to our students is clear : follow your dreams and express yourself!

Posted: 5/25/2018

World of Work – John Bennett, Press Director

The Middle schoolers had the opportunity to meet John Bennett, Press Director of “Alouette Communications” and President of the “Paris American Club”.
He shared his life long interest in French and France and extensive experience, detailing step-by-step how he built a diverse career in communication, media and cultural interests. From New York to Paris, Canada to Puerto Rico, he explained how essential it is to develop an important network; remain flexible and open-minded to change and new developments; as well as stay true to ourselves.

Thank you very much John Bennett for your participation!

If you would want to learn more about the Paris American Club, click here :

Posted: May 3, 2018

World of Work – Yilun Li, Private Equity

The students had the opportunity to meet last week Yilun Li, a Private Equity who worked in different places all over the world as China, Middle East, New York…
Through these unique experiences, Yilun explained to our students the priority values in each of these countries: the importance of the network in China, the influence of the religion in some companies in the United Arab Emirates, the balance between leisure and work in the United States…

Thank you Yilun to have shared your vision of work… our middle schoolers definitely learned a lot!

Posted : Mar 16, 2018

World of Work – Assetou Gaudissard, Event Planner

In this 1st meeting, students had an opportunity to meet Assetou Gaudissard, who works as an Event Planner in New York. A Graduate in Communications, Assetou’s professional experiences also include Press Relations Manager and Event Coordinator for companies such as Stade de France, AOL Time Warner and UNICEF. An aspect of her company, New York Paris Connection, is creating business proposals and organizing various elements of a wedding: catering, designers, photographs, musicians… During her presentation, she also shared with our students the primary values that influenced her career choice: helping others, working independently and finding a good balance between work and family.

If you would like to learn more about Assetou Gaudissard’s company, you can visit her website: