In Middle School

Please enjoy the first edition of our Radio Show, fully created and produced by the students of EINY. In this first show, you will find:

  • Summary and presentation of the show by: Olivia, Frederick et Maxence in 5th Grade
  • Music with excerpts of the EINY Choir. From 1:45 to 3:50.
  • Interview of Mr. Yves Rivaud, EINY Principal. From 4:30 to 17:15.
  • Cuisine: “Pumpkin Pie” recipe by the Pre-Elementary students
  • Report: “So, how is the new Pre-Elementary building?”
  • In our own words: “Anger” by the Club Radio students
  • Game of the Month: “Planets in the Solar System.”
  • Tell a tale: “What is this camel so ugly?”
  • The bilingual interview: “Danielle Ziri, journalist.”
  • “It’s a Wrap” by Olivia, Frederick et Maxence in 5th Grade