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ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – 5th grade , Short movie « L’école qui se libère » – French national contest “Dis-moi dix mots”.

Discover the film created by the 5th grade students to celebrate la Fête de la Francophonie and participate in the French national contest Dis-moi dix mots!

During the sessions « Push strong » with the Middle School teacher Mr. Le Martelot, they wrote, directed and realized a film based on the words suggested for this edition 2018 by the Ministry of Culture: “Voice”, “Accent”, “Bagou “…

Congratulations for the work that they have done since September! And thank you to all the students who appear in the movie. 

Here is the synopsis:
New York. In a school where students do not have the right to speak, the definitions related to oral expression are systematically diverted. One day, a revolt occurs …