Bilingual Program

Coordinated Bilingual Program

EINY bilingual program, the learning in one language builds on the learning in the other so that students can transfer skills between the two languages and get reinforcement without repetition. This scaffolding enhances the best kind of learning. But this synergy is maximized only if the teachers of both languages and all grades are working together and using a carefully integrated curriculum.

EINY has been refining it’s bilingual program since its founding, and teachers excel at working together. EINY twin strengths are the integrated curriculum and faculty. And everything we do revolves around these pillars.

Two Educational Systems

Our program brings together two educational systems in a way that takes the best that each has to offer. From France, we take a rigorous curriculum. And, from America, we take an empowering approach to education which encourages creativity and critical thinking.

Bilingual, Multicultural

EINY carefully coordinated program helps students develop competencies in two languages and fluency in two cultures. We add a third language, Mandarin or Spanish, when the students are ready for it because our goal is to help develop citizens who can appreciate and navigate our multicultural world.

Language Support

Resource Specialists

Our faculty members are able to organize reinforcement classes to help students having difficulty with their lessons. Students are assessed according to their specific need(s) and the school counselor determines the assistance that will be given to each student through the course of the year. These teachers will provide specific classroom strategies and follow-up with the students, other classroom teachers, and parents.

ESL (English as a Second Language) / FSL (Français Langue Seconde)

Classes are available for students who have not had previous English/French-language instruction. These students benefit from a small-group learning situation concentrating on oral and written English/French, including grammar and spoken language for daily use. The progress of each child will be regularly assessed until we are able to recommend his/her integration into the regular English/French classes for his/her grade level.