Ecole Internationale de New York

To increase the visibility of EINY, we want to post the school’s activities and cast the widest net possible. With that said, we plan on creating and posting an official web page on various social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+). The page will feature information about the school, its mission, philosophy and values.  

Above all, a school is defined by the functioning of the classroom. The educational activities we use here include the taking of photographs or videos in which students appear.   

For this purpose, we need your consent to publish  photographs, images or videos in which your child may appear that demonstrate the educational activities of the school. 

Free access to photographs or films that include the below named student is given. You have the right, at any time, to verify how the images are used and, upon request, to refuse consent.


Consent to broadcast:

Consent for school to broadcast photos of my child:

On the official school website

I give permission to have my child's voice recorded and used on social media for EINY.