Preparing the foundation for a bilingual education. From Nursery to Kindergarten.
An environment that stimulates the imagination, develops personality and encourages self confidence.
An immersion program for non French speaking children.

Anthony Bernier

After School Director & Pre-Elementary Building Manager

Welcome to Pre-Elementary

Our team welcomes children from 3 to 5 years old in our Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten classes.

All children entering Nursery class must be potty trained before the first day of school. Pull-ups are not allowed during school hours.

  • Children entering Nursery must be 3 by December 31
  • Children entering Pre-K must be 4 by December 31
  • Children entering Kindergarten must be 5 by December 31

Pre-Elementary Program

A Harmonious Linguistic and Artistic Development

Various studies have found that the first year of pre-elementary is the best time to start learning a new language. During this stage of life, children’s aptitude to acquire a new language is at its peak, and the phonetic basis of language is developing.

Early childhood is also the magic time of life when the senses awake. For the harmonious development of your child, this particularly propitious period requires an environment that stimulates the imagination, develops the personality, and encourages self-confidence. That’s why the EINY pre-elementary, with more than seven years of experience, offers a rich and varied program in art, music, theater, sports and computers, in addition to bilingual instruction.

Each one of these activities is either led by the child’s teachers or another professional in the relevant subject. This way, our school offers your child a solid foundation for continuing his or her education.

Children are Taught by French and American Teachers

EINY enrolls children into the pre-elementary program beginning at age three. The program operates Monday through Friday from 8:30AM-3:15PM. Activities take place in either French or English and are taught by teachers who are native speakers. In order to provide a truly bilingual education, three days are taught in French and two days are taught in English.

However, both teachers are always present in the classroom together in order to facilitate connections between the two languages and to offer students individualized instruction.

Targeted Priorities

Pre-Elementary of EINY offers:

  • small class sizes with staff that allows individual supervision of the children
  • a qualified, attentive and devoted teaching team
  • a program devised to adapt to the student’s age and learning pace
  • a very large range of cultural, theatrical, artistic, musical and athletic activities so the children will flourish and continue their intellectual development


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