Computer Equipment

Since its creation, EINY has developed a large network of computer equipment to give each student access to digital resources. The equipment available in our classrooms gives the whole community the opportunity for innovative education:

  •  interactive boards
  • video projectors
  • personal computers or tablets
  • high-definition printers and scanners

Teaching Activities

Handwriting and paper media continue to be a priority in instruction. In-class activities combine using a binder or notebook with digital media.

Use of computers supplements the activities conducted in class through a great diversity of tools:

  • searching for terms and translations using digital dictionaries
  • consulting websites of national museums
  • sharing work on Google.doc and other cloud-based applications
  • presenting reports
  • developing digital blogs
  • writing newsletters
  • digital correspondence with classes at other schools
  • extracurricular activity of computer coding…

Ethics and Charter of Usage

The EINY team supplies computer resources in moderation and teaches students to be responsible when using technology:

  • students, teachers and parents are involved in selecting hardware and software
  • tools are strictly teaching materials
  • they are used when appropriate
  • access to applications and websites is safe and controlled
  • each student signs a charter promising to use the hardware responsibly